De automatic, get de automatic
Disrespect, from emcees, me nah go have it
De automatic, get de automatic
Tonight a rapper gwan die

by the-mastermind March 24, 2011
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Automatic transmissions are for people who enjoy the finer things in life. People who drive manuals are generally the poorer in the population, and people who drive automatics, are generally richer. If this is not the case, can you explain why 99% of luxury cars and near enough all modern day sports cars are automatic, or if not, semi-automatic? Also automatic transmissions are the future, look at what we have now - Audi's DSG gearbox, which is a cluchless manual!
Audi A3 DSG
EVERY ****ing luxury car is automatic!!
by MMCC November 16, 2005
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A amazing Welsh rock band from Cowbridge. Best known for there 2006 single 'Monster'. the band consists of Robin Hawkins,
James Frost, Iwan "Wange" Griffiths and Paul Mullen. ( who is originally from Newcastle band Yourcodenameis:milo. ).
What's that coming over the hill? is it a monster?, is it a monster?

Who when to see the automatic live last night?

what's that mother? a great big hairy donkey? << lol O.o ( just for randomness = )
by bubbles darling October 26, 2008
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an action you do automatically, as a result of another event or action.
Whoa, sorry I had to blink, it was an automatication!!
by sophayyy57489529 November 9, 2010
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absolutely, of course, no doubt, shouldn't have to ask to reply because the answer is known already...reply or response given to a question or statement where the answer should already be known or a given(easy answer or answer to a stupid question)...
"hey...can i count on you to scoop me up at 7???" and the response is "AUTOMATIC BRO!!! I got you!!!" or " you ever shred the skatepark alot???" "AUTOMATIC SON!!! whenever and however..."
by ISORE852 April 10, 2010
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Chant done at basketball games or other athletic events, when somebody is on FIRE, who the athlete is in the "ZONE"
Jimmy White is AUTOMATIC tonight against the patriots!
by BLT March 27, 2005
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