A strong character sometimes when a person has the last name Griffiths they can become very deep in though They have a passion for the unknown and supernatural You can trust them they are hard to fall in and out of love so if you catch there eye find yourself lucky they will also be kind and caring to be honest they are good at most subjects in school!
Griffiths is a top A student/ Griffiths is a last name
by Mia_G7 December 12, 2017
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(1) Too weak, whack or soft. (2) Anti-swag. (3) A new movement or campaign. (4) Origin "Double Impact". "Nigel Griffith" played by actor Alan Scarfe.
Person 1: "What's Griffiths?"
Person 2: "You. You are Griffiths."

Zang: "It was Griffith. He's too weak."
by Nigel Griffith November 19, 2011
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A pretty cool teacher that really doesn't give a crap
Griffiths is awesome.
by xX_#th3_ultim@t3_$W@gl0rd_Xx December 9, 2015
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The ambitious, charismatic silver haired leader of the Band of the Hawks from the anime/manga "Berserk". Thought to have a sexual tension relationship with Guts by many fans, although this is not present in the series. He wields a Rapier and is usually clad in either ornate armor or in a white cloak. He is arrested for having an affair with the princess Charlotte in Episode 19. He later becomes the newest member of God's Hand, Femto, in exchange for slaughtering his comrades at the Great Eclipse, which only Guts and Caska (who becomes traumatized and mentally unstable from) survive. Guts is later seen as the Black Swordsman, swearing revenge on Griffith and God's Hand.
"You belong to me now, Guts." -Griffith
by Zexion Cloaked Schemer August 6, 2008
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A glorious man too drunk to except that he exists.
He was a griffith last night, but today, well, he's just a man
by richard gear April 28, 2009
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An attractive female ginger that’s usually very short and plays a wind instrument like a flute
“who’s the ginger?”
oh that’s Griffith”
by Kai422 September 4, 2022
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Derived from the Viking term "Grivit" meaning "man with ridiculously huge curly hair"
-Oh my God, my hairs grown so much, I don't know whether to cut it?
-I think you should mate, you're a griffith at the moment!
by lordoftherings32many February 23, 2010
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