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Audi TT is a luxury sports coupe from the German luxury car company Audi. Assembled in Hungary. It is a very nice car with more than enough power and style. The coupe is similar to the Lexus SC430, another very classy sports coupe/conv. Unfortunatly they are almost always purchased by the extremely wealthy for their spoiled brat children. It is also considered to the BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK. It is not considered to the Nissan 350 & 370 z. The Nissan has quite alot more power, and is slightly faster than the sports directed Quattro Sport, but the Nissan is not compared to the BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, or Audi becuase it is not a luxury car. All of the luxury sports coupes listed are very quick, but its evident style and luxury are first in the mind of the designers.
Typical rich familys cars;
Dad: X5 or Q7
Mom: Range Rover or Porsche
High schooler: Audi TT or lexus SC430
Family car:Volvo
by jackattack04 August 25, 2009
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A term used when a female sticks her body out of an Audi TT sun roof only to take her shirt off and do a drive-by flashing with her tits.
Guy 1: Whoaaa, did you see that chick pop out of that Audi sun roof with her tits all out?!?!?!

Guy 2: Sure did, she had some fine ass Audi T-T's. I love spring break !!
by TommyBecks February 28, 2011
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