Jasson is a guy who stands out. A guy who is calculative and always has his game face on. He is nice, witty, and intense. A Jasson can pick apart any person and knows who they are before he even has to talk to them. Usually a guy with curly hair and a ready smile. Can drink for days and a party animal. Loves to play sports as much as he loves to party.
Because he is such a hard ass mother fucker he would never admit that girls are his weakness.
I pulled a Jasson drinking...
by mkurnley June 24, 2011
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An artist, as well as a good friend and homie who really likes french fries. He mains low tier characters in Super Smash Bros and has never experienced sexual intercourse in his entire life. A Jasson is a special species of names that begin with J, as their name has to S’s rather than one. They can easily get their hands on an N-Word Pass without any issue whatsoever. If you ever meet a Jasson, tell him show you some hentai and he will gladly pull out his art book and show you some quality shit.
Me: Yo! Jasson! Can you show me some of that hentai you just drew?
Jasson: No problem nigga
by ItsJoBoi March 18, 2019
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Jasson is a guy who kantutan with rocks and turtle
Jasson did you kantutan with rock?

by KainKaontais March 25, 2021
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Jasson cant even get a test or a win a game. For example stank bootey ass boi. Jassonis better than all at school he nerd
by Imboutroastyou92627 March 15, 2019
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