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When you get a vehicle stuck (usually in a video game) in such a way that you cannot back or drive it out. A reference to the movie Austin Powers where he wedges a factory cart between two walls trying to turn it around.
Dood, you austined our ride!
by Gamadin Rennic September 06, 2007
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when you stab someone with a knife right before he knocks you out
did you here? jack austined michael before jack could knock him out.
by Bryan Soberman April 14, 2010
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Austined is the past tense of the feeling that one recieves when they are getting a non-sexual satisfaction from the action of addressing a person whom they are stalking when this person is within close proximity but do not know that it is them whom you are addressing, ie when you call out to them in Maltelfovich.
Tom austined when he shouted Maltelfovich at Justin, who was an awfully vampiratic student.

Joey :"Dude, I orgasmed last night!!"
Bob :"That's nothin', I austined last night at the mall!"
Joey :"Duuude...."
by Crazy Axer May 17, 2009
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