9 definitions by Muffler man

Means: Don't throw yourself off a bridge!


Don't commit suicide. <---
"Don't yeet yourself! You're worth way more than you think!"
by Muffler man May 14, 2019
"Elizabeth and Daniel are both in the bathroom alone. Do you know what that means?"
"School property. School property everywhere."
by Muffler man February 13, 2019
The number that 8 9.
"Why was 6 scared of 7?"

"I dunno."

"Cuz 7 8 9!"
by Muffler man March 7, 2020
A dance where you extend your arms out not so much, turn your hands sideways and your palms face you, then move it up and down, one hand going up, the other hand going down.
"Bro, wanna do the wacky hand with me?"
"Duuuude the wacky hand is like s o o o radical."
by Muffler man January 25, 2019