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The act of jizzing on your friends face when they try to add your name to this website in a derogatory manner!
Dude if you put my name on the internet, i'm gonna aube you
by beatyatoit! October 25, 2010
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The Act of passing out free hand jobs to someone that is superior to you.

To preform the Aube is the act of stroking multiple penis's with both hands for free.

An Aube is free of charge and not satisfying what so ever.
Hey good job at work today let me pass you a free Aube Sir.

Good Game today team free Aube's your all of you and im passing them out!!

Man my forearm is so fucking sore Ive been passing out free Aube's to my chain of command all day.

Why do you have that shit eating grin?
Ohhh Mike was passing out free Aube's...
Were they any good?
No but at least it was free...
by Private Sputnik October 24, 2010
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