A torturous heart-aching program created by the devils themselves, The College Board. The College Board are a bunch of saggy old people thinking of ways to ruin the lives of thousands of teens all around the world. Capstone isn't as heartwarming as a literal stone with a cap, it is as stressful as being a democrat in the Trump States.
Jerome contracted AIDS, HIV, and Down Syndrome due to the constant rape by AP Capstone
by PissedOffCapstoner November 23, 2016
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It is a assignment that tortures you from the fucking beginning and you can’t escape it. This follows you from the end of time and it’s a bitch to do.
Capstone is a son of a bitch
by DC Samuel February 5, 2018
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A fucking stupid project that high schools love to give out to torture spoiled teenagers. Well, you also have to do this shit in some high academic colleges too.
Pen kid: Hey man let's chill for the next couple months together.
PV kid: Nah, I have to do this fucking Capstone Project which instead wastes time and takes several months to finish.
by AdomC March 6, 2015
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To hit a man on the top of the balls while he is masturbating, causing sperm to go back down the tunnel funnel.
Chad was yanking in my room, so I capstoned him.
by Juggalos are all fat June 5, 2010
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A college class/project where you apply what you've learned over the course of your under-graduate experience with a large emphasis on team-work and leadership. A project riddled with procrastination and all-nighter's near deadlines to get good grades that are easily accessible. Also some bullshit where you have to carry the team -- full of graduating seniors with jobs already lined up -- if you care about your GPA.
You done any capstone work since the mid-term report? Nah man, shit ain't due for another week.
by petey pablo99 December 3, 2018
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To whiff a frost nova, or cone of cold.
Capstone whiffed multiple frost novas, and cone of colds against Nightwasp in a duel.
by I'mabadmage August 25, 2007
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A paper assigned in Modern World Fiction class that is about 8-9 pages in length that requires students to write about a bunch of crap that women discuss in their free time. We're supposed to fill 8-9 pages with our thoughts about our experiences and whatnot but its really quite pointless and cuts into one's masturbation and quadmate torturing time. Most people get stuck at the 1.5 pages mark and cannot continue to write due to their sudden development of chlamydia.
Mike: this capstone paper sucks
Teddy: word
by mike xie December 9, 2006
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