Of the Soul,beyond the speed of mind, conscious , Classic hip hop, Lyricist, Guru,
by kyjothe realone September 18, 2006
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omg he r teh fegz0rz
"Atma totally fingered Teskein."
by Baby Lizard January 26, 2005
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The Los Angeles based indie rock trio. Assembled in 2003, it's incredible they haven't fallen apart due to crack, heroin, or PCP usage.

The band's music is typically categorized as unfulfilling, displeasing to the ear, pathetic, and occasionally as vomit inducing. Yet somehow, the band has not been assassinated on stage, and continues in current time to perform their music in Los Angeles rock venues.

The band has lost every battle of the bands it has ever competed in. Quite obviously because the other bands are better. This reality has yet to sink into the group's collective self-awareness.

The band's myspace page is constantly bombarded with requests for the band to stop playing, or to commit seppuku, yet there seems to be no bargaining with the band. In 2004, theatma.com was established as a method for the band to propagate its filth to the world wide web with greater effect, yet the site goes unnoticed by most.

The frontman of the band, one Oblivious Driver, can often be seen completely unaware of where he is driving on any various freeway of the metropolitan Los Angeles area. The interpretation of his name is often mistaken for his failure to correctly recite his paltry lyrics in live performances.

Multi-instrumentalist Wade Ryff, a.k.a. The DoGGG, seems unsatisfied with the not-so-glorious status of bass player, so has adopted the habit of mimicking John Paul Jones. He disappointingly fails at invoking the legacy of JPJ however, as he typically plays all other instruments like a bass player would.

It is undecided whether or not drummer/percussionist Lookas Ventura, a.k.a. LB12, is suffers from mild retardation or some form of epileptic seizure brought on by playing the drums. In either case, it is evident that his abilities to hold onto drumsticks and maintain consistent rhythm are severely impaired.
The Atma is full of SUCK and FAIL.

I vomited when I saw The Atma perform on stage.

I used this album, 'On My Artichoke' from 'The Atma' as a frisbee, and the piece of crap broke when it hit the ground.
by Squdillius Phalanges December 12, 2007
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a weapon in the final fanasy series sometimes translated better as ultima weapon or ultimate weapon. in a few of the games its damage is based on how many hit points the character has at the time.
in FF3 for the SNES (6 for you losers who picked it up for PS) the Atma Weapon could be used by anyone and the more HP you had the BIGGER and more badass it was.
in FF7 Clouds best sword was the Ultimate weapon dropped by the ultimate weapon... and the more HP you had the more solid and baddass it was
by shtoink November 2, 2006
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A large man who wants to be Samoan very unattractive but makes up with it by great personality
Wow how does he have a girlfriend he’s so ugly
It must because he is a dev atma
by October 29, 2021
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