to be on top of the rap game, providing unequalled wordplay and ill skills
Damn, Hybrid 216 gotta be the illest lyricist I ever heard. What lable is he on?
by Hybrid 216 December 3, 2003
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1) A person with exceptional writing abilities and wordplay

2) Rapper who prefers writing over freestyle
Darell: "did you think of that rhyme just now?"
Me: "Nah I wrote it, I'm more of a lyricist"
by UDontNeed2No October 18, 2011
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one who influences an individual mentally.
Kim Lapeirre was lyricist in mentally motivating to pursue family interest to clean my house
by Maxdee July 30, 2023
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An Artist Who Is Literally Insane When It Comes To Making Rap Music. Their lyrics contain suicidal messages, very graphic and disturbing tales, and just screwed up in the head rhyming style.
Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, Diverse, Pharoahe Monch Psycho Lyricist
by Funk Legion of Doom March 10, 2009
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When you think you're above all that rapper shit but still rap, generally used by wack rappers to make themselves feel better.
Dude 1: "Yeah so i'm a rythmic lyricist these days".
Dude 2: "Bitch you can barely rap, fuck off with that high society shit".
by TLC-NoScrubs May 15, 2018
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Someone who sings and writes the lyrics to their songs but doesn't compose the music or instrumental background behind their songs.
Like a singer-songwriter but primarily a writer of lyrics, singer lyricist
by Fizzjazztone April 15, 2014
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