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If a vacation where you stay at home is now called a stay-cation, then a vacation where you have to go someplace awful is therefore a suck-ation.
If you have to spend a weeks worth of your paid time off to go to your in-law's house, that qualifies as a suck-ation.
by Boodles Toodles July 28, 2009
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adj. A level of sucking far worse then sucking alone. Measured in SU (Suck Units). Generally used in terms of people who are new to roleplaying, and thusly considered newbs or noobs.

If you suck, then you just suck. But if someone has to assign you a level of suckation, then you suck bad. For every level of suckation (Going from 1SU to 10SU, you have to multiply what it takes to suck by itself that number of times.)

Suckation Rankings:
*1SU - Frequently mispelled words. Poor punctuation. Short, nondescript posts. Occasional use of shorthand.(U R KOOL, for example.)

*2SU - Piss poor spelling. Almost non-existant punctuation. Horrid posts. Even more shorthand.

*3SU - Spelling like a dead cat. Punctuation - What's that? Posts look like this: 'beems kill u.' Shorthand rules.

*4SU - Anyone pulling PowerGame shit automatically moves directly to Suckation level 4. RolePlay is called RolePlay only because of the In Character Status. Kill me.

*5SU - Um, huh? Watching this person post is like nails on a chalkboard. PowerGaming prevails, along with excessive 'Im gunna suicide un less n e one cares' or other pity-party like quotes.

*6SU - Solo RP's (If they can be called that) spam the chat. Each post is short. Each post sucks. Each post makes anyone with a brain want to clean out their ears with a Roto-Rooter.

*7SU - Just seeing the offenders name is enough to make your hair stand on end. You wish you were blind.

*8SU - The person is forced to claim retardation to fend off insults.

*9SU - To be determined.

*10SU - One who is known to do make the same newbish moves and actions outside of the game as inside it.

Many of these definations modified from the original list to make them more universally applicable.
Wow, Ahaz the Druid Demon...That creates a whole new level of suckation right there.
by SilentJ7 August 28, 2006
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