Anal Then Dump.
My girlfriend is being really clingy lately, what should I do? ATD, bro.
by Japanese Business Dood January 31, 2009
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Rick: Did you hear Kenneth shoot up the school, last week?

James: Yeah apparently he was just ATD.
by Mensorah March 13, 2016
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:A heated debate on Immigration Reform in the United States with a person who has the polar opposite of your views:

Jake: *is mentally exhausted and wants to jump off a bridge* Hey, ATD?
John: *is also mentally exhausted and wants to jump off a bridge* Sure.
by Kyungsoo July 3, 2014
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Person 1 I think my gf’s cheating on me
Person 2: Duh from the moment I met her I knew she had ATD
by I wish I was cool :( April 25, 2019
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Anal tongue dart. To thrust ones tongue into an anus.
by Richard Dragon December 14, 2003
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Asian Tact Deficiency Syndrome. A cultural inability to filter between the thoughts that should be said and the ones that should never see the light of day. Along the same lines, a chronic inability to present things in a socially acceptable fashion. ATDS sufferers will comment with equal enthusiasm about other people's weight, appearance, hygiene, and social skills under the apparent delusion that this will somehow improve the victim's life for the better. Generally, ATDS remarks are notable for their volume and the size of their audience.
Joy had an ATDS moment yesterday, when she asked her pregnant coworker whether she was having a boy or a girl. "Oh," she said, when informed it was a girl. "That explains it. Girl babies steal all your beauty."
by holyspigot December 15, 2005
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Person1: she has so many boyfriends

Person2: dug she has ATD
by Fvvbbbvv April 25, 2019
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