:A heated debate on Immigration Reform in the United States with a person who has the polar opposite of your views:

Jake: *is mentally exhausted and wants to jump off a bridge* Hey, ATD?
John: *is also mentally exhausted and wants to jump off a bridge* Sure.
by Kyungsoo July 3, 2014
Person 1 I think my gf’s cheating on me
Person 2: Duh from the moment I met her I knew she had ATD
by I wish I was cool :( April 25, 2019
Anal tongue dart. To thrust ones tongue into an anus.
by Richard Dragon December 14, 2003
Person1: she has so many boyfriends

Person2: dug she has ATD
by Fvvbbbvv April 25, 2019
Stands for Awaken the Douche. Which is actually a shitty hardcore band from Yucaipa, Ca. Their real name is Awaken the Nameless. They suck.

"Dude last night I went to a shitty show, ATD headlined."

"Oh no wonder it was shitty."
by Kock Master December 12, 2008
Afghan Till Death, a group of Afghans who have beef with the AFG afghan crew in Toronto.
Ya go to a Afghan jam in Toronto and ya see da AFG crew, u go up to dem boys n ya do ya thing cuz u da ATD crew.
by ATD August 12, 2007
Anal Then Dump.
My girlfriend is being really clingy lately, what should I do? ATD, bro.
by Japanese Business Dood January 31, 2009