Stands for Awaken the Douche. Which is actually a shitty hardcore band from Yucaipa, Ca. Their real name is Awaken the Nameless. They suck.
"Dude last night I went to a shitty show, ATD headlined."

"Oh no wonder it was shitty."
by Kock Master December 11, 2008
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Afghan Till Death, a group of Afghans who have beef with the AFG afghan crew in Toronto.
Ya go to a Afghan jam in Toronto and ya see da AFG crew, u go up to dem boys n ya do ya thing cuz u da ATD crew.
by ATD August 12, 2007
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Person:hey! What does p!atd stand for?
Me:oh, it just stands for an amazing band, which Ryan you need to come back to us. Aka panic at the disco
by UnsualPidgeon December 01, 2018
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A shortened form of the band Panic! At the Disco, an Indie labled band.
I wanted to see the P!ATD show, but it was sold out.
by ~MissHaley~ March 01, 2006
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