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The inevitable outburst of common sense and brutal honesty that results when intelligence has been pushed beyond tolerence by wholly gratuitous stupidity. A variation of going postal or flaming, except through verbal or text medium and without actual violence. The primary quality is the forthright and unvarnished presentation of reality to the offending party, with the intent to educate as well as excoriate.
He went bethos on her passive-aggressive, Mary Sue ass.
by holyspigot December 15, 2005
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Asian Tact Deficiency Syndrome. A cultural inability to filter between the thoughts that should be said and the ones that should never see the light of day. Along the same lines, a chronic inability to present things in a socially acceptable fashion. ATDS sufferers will comment with equal enthusiasm about other people's weight, appearance, hygiene, and social skills under the apparent delusion that this will somehow improve the victim's life for the better. Generally, ATDS remarks are notable for their volume and the size of their audience.
Joy had an ATDS moment yesterday, when she asked her pregnant coworker whether she was having a boy or a girl. "Oh," she said, when informed it was a girl. "That explains it. Girl babies steal all your beauty."
by holyspigot December 15, 2005
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