A state were a person just wants one object super badly, and can't get enough of it.
by I K March 16, 2009
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1: to compulsively, or obsessively continue any habit even after knowing the consequence will be harmful to someone or oneself.

2: An obsessive or compulsive habit that will cause physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms upon ending.
He is addicted to that chic, once his girl finds out he has been cheating, she's gonna kill him!
by Cands_4ever May 3, 2019
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when you spend hours looking up words on this website that you would never use in every day context, just so you can laugh...
thugalug, boregasm, radar king, ashuku....fuck im addicted!
by Juelz Becker May 12, 2005
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Mya and Karlie play iMessage games for months, they are addicted
by MyaChing July 18, 2017
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The state of an individual who is obsessed with having penii inserted into any one of their various orifices.
"She's addicted, addicted, addicted ta suckin' good dick..." --Eazy
by Sublime GT December 15, 2003
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Acting solely reliant on being a retard and fat. while simultaneously over exaggerating something to the fullest extent making you look like a dirty rascal little chub
Gosh Alejandro! That ass be musty and stank, all I hear are tremors coming from your ass everyday, wipe it and put a sock on it for once ! I swear you’re addicted
by Dinkle berg December 23, 2020
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