a oversized wife with crapy control and bad graphics but was cool "back in the day"
Your wife is an Atari, bet you wish you had a PS 2.
by budda May 14, 2004
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One of the earliest game companies and top of the league in the 80's with their Atari 2600. Ever since they have been on a downward spiral, kicked out of the console market and have now sold out to French publisher Infogrames. They have now been relegated to pushing the same old, cranky Atari arcade games of 20 years ago, rather than creating some decent games.
Man: Hey, have you seen this new Atari compilation I bought for my PS2? It's so cool, it brings back so many memories of yesteryear!
Man2: Yeah, there's also the Atari Flashback, Atari TV Games, Atari Anthology, Atari Anniversary Edition, Atari Revival, Retro Atari Classics, Atari Arcade Hits...
by DCI December 16, 2004
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A fucking cool band who were awesome when I first heard them all those years ago and are still awesome now. All the teenyboppers in the world can't change the fact that they kick ass. Fuck you people who call them shit just because they're on MTV now. Fuck you and your mother and your father and your sister and your best friend's dog.

By the way So Long Astoria is a great album. Possibly the most consistently good album they've ever made. It sucks how old Ataris fans try and be cool by saying it's a shitty album just because it got them the attention of MTV and has better production values than the old stuff.
Most assholes who think The Ataris suck have only heard Boys Of Summer, which is a fucking cover song.
by the ataris are awesome February 29, 2004
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A once leading and dominant (American)company of the games-industry for producing video-games consoles such as the Atari 2600, computer systems such as Atari XL/XE and Atari ST.
Atari once ruled, now it's been conquered.
by Bruce Lee March 30, 2003
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A band that has been around since 1995. They have a recent album that is just as good as the old ones. Although people say they sold out, they are just gaining popularity. And people who have just heard of them now and call them a poser can suck it.
The Ataris have been going stong since '95.
by Sara Roe May 20, 2003
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A pop punk band that hailed from Indiana. They started off punk with the album Anywhere But Here, but then moved toward mainstream. Most noted for their heartfelt lyrics about girls, they moved more mainstream with So Long Astoria in 2005. They lost that 'punk' attitude, and "matured", but after many changes they pretty much lost if not all, most of their earlier fans (especially with the new album 'welcome the night'). Since then the ataris have never been the same, however it's been stated that they are trying to go back to playing their older stuff.
The Ataris were at their best with the album Blue Skies Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits and End is Forever.

guy 1: Are you gonna see the ataris next week?
guy 2: Nah, they're mainstream now with the song boys of summer.
guy 1: True, but they lost pretty much all their fans and they're trying to go back to their roots.
guy 2: sweet! I hope they close with san dimas highschool football rules!
guy 1: yea! i'm gonna ask kris if i could play it.
by da mannnnn November 23, 2007
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