Someone who his hooked on those games you play on facebook; When you throw up from being on facebook for too long.
-" Garret's been playing those stupid facebook games for hours!"
-" dude, hes faced up"

-"Mom, better check on bobby, he was on facebook for too long."
- "Oh crap, he didn't face up did he?"
by Dog eats God January 27, 2011
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The act of smoking an entire blunt on your own.
Bra, I'm finna face up this loud blunt.
by BCashKy859 July 14, 2016
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the face u make when you eat something really sour or nasty; thiz face
man i couldn't help but face up when i tasted those sour skittles
by africaliberia March 7, 2009
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when someone signs off of Facebook intentionally in the middle of an intense chat or fight to add dramatic effect and/or show how mad they really are

like hanging up on someone during a call
Facebook Chat 1:
John: Ok, I'm sorry.
Jane: Whatever.
Jane is now offline

Facebook Chat 2:
John: Dude I apologized to Jane and she just signed off
Bob: You totally got faced up on, man.
by yourmomdotcom. March 23, 2011
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To ejaculate on another person's face.
"Girl, you lookin' good tonight, couple more drinks and I'm gonna paint that face up."
by BigLue February 12, 2010
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The act of using facebook as an excuse to hit on someone. Can be used with true information and false, see example below.
A guy is telling his friend his latest face up line:

Guy 1: 'Hey, are we facebook friends? I think I recognize you from my news feed.'

Guy 2: 'Did it work?'

Guy 1: 'Yeah it worked. That's a classic face up line right there.'
by Nolagrrrl May 9, 2009
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Facing the fact that you've gone from reading a book in print to online in a few easy steps.
Isn't it about time you started confrontationally facing up to reality?
by Hercolena Oliver July 11, 2008
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