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A battlecry that is used to insult someone when you are pretty much owning them up one side and down the other, repeat over and over when you are punching them in the face.
Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!
by Meggido February 28, 2008
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A common strategy where a player mass builds a many weak units as he can, then rushes the enemy base. Usually works best early in the game. Taken from Starcraft, where often zerglings (really cheap unit that can be built in large droves quickly) would be sent at the start of the game to kill everyone in the first couple moments.
Zerg Player: Ah hahaha! I'm zerg rushing!
Protoss Player: Oh no, my precious zealots are too expensive for me to buy more than one. I'm screwed.
Terran Player: *Flys to higher ground* What a bunch of fags.
by Meggido February 28, 2008
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A gamer who is stuck on old-school games, and probably has not (and will not) touch a next-gen system. Usually plays anything up to SNES/Genesis (N64/PS1 aren't quite atari level yet). If they don't have those they play emulators.
There is nothing wrong with ataris, contrary to what people say about them wanting to "relive their childhood, the freaks."

Some are ataris for the classic games.
Some are ataris for the cheesy 8-bit music.
I am an atari for the engrish.
by Meggido February 28, 2008
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Any weird, short guy who feels an overwhelming need to share his desires with you, such as vampirism or wanting to marry mermaids.
Person 1: Did you see that guy walk by?
Person 2: Yep, he's such a jupiter kid, he told me that he would only drink her blood with 2 cubes of sugar.
Person 2: Wow, he said the same thing about my mother.
by Meggido March 6, 2008
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Stands for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time." Often someone will mention this when a banana is in the act of being eaten.
When Jim pulled walked out of the store with a cart full of bananas, all pbjt broke loose.
by Meggido February 28, 2008
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