When a woman with a large ass wears lowrise jeans causing her large cheeks to resemble a pair of titties.
Man that bitch has some huge asstits!
by Burn my legs June 07, 2005
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big saggy tits that when squished together look like a fat ass instread of cleavage
look at that dyke at the check out shes got asstits
by big fat lesbian February 05, 2005
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An asstit, is an overgrown piece of nipple found on or near the crack.
Omg! I have an asstit growing inside my butthole!
by Pedro Gangsta101 August 18, 2006
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Having nipples on your ass.


To be an asstit (to suck)
"Yo' man, he has asstits."

"You are an asstit."
by Tim February 28, 2003
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Mis-spelling of "aztec". Can be used intentionally, as an insult towards the Aztec people or someone named Aztec.
"C'mon man, let's get to Asstit!"

"Yo, what's up, Asstit?"
by Shorwiam October 06, 2008
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When you have such a narrow pointy ass that it looks like a nipple, boob, or tit
"GUYS! LOOK! Amanda has a AssTit !"
by SheBus Lover May 17, 2016
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