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Eben is a very talented guy. He has lots of close friends and loves them to pieces. He has a strong passion for music, and he is very good at it too. Eben had the most amazing smile and personality. He is very funny, silly and very creative. However he can be quite shy sometimes.
Zach: hey Eben can you smooth step with us.
Corbyn: he can actually do it, unlike you.
Eben: no need to fight over my amazingly talented self.
*everyone laughs*
* Eben smiles at the camera*
Roll credits.
by WhyDontWeLeaveNowBai August 27, 2017
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An abnormal normal name for an abnormal person. Usually quiet and free spirited.

Often mistaken for "Even"
Theres Eben again, why look at him dance...
by Ethan. February 11, 2008
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Awesomely awesome person, in every respect. Awesome. Virtuoso of the South African Afrikaans language.
"Dude that guy is so awesome."
"Ya, that's Eben."
by captain pool May 07, 2010
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Coolest, sexiest, supremest boy in the entire school. He also has a huge cock
Woah do you see Eben.

Yeah I heard he has a 12 incher.
by Lil Eb September 28, 2017
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Eben is a Name that can be often be changed by auto correction to "even" but Eben's don't mind this as they are very caring people.Eben is a very usual name and originates from Africa. ON Facebook there only seems to be a couple of Ebens but not very many. Eben may be taken from the name ebenezer but they are the exactly like ebenezer as they often learn from there mistakes to be nice and caring. Eben is very loveable person.
1 "Ohh! Theres Even"
2 " theres that vey caring boy Eben"
by Ebenezer the secret February 23, 2014
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A large man of afrikaans decent who has a fondness for the word cunt. Also has astounding bad luck to coincide with his foul mouth
"Eben you fat unlucky bastard you will never win that fridge"

by justin saneness October 18, 2011
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