a very ugly person that has a pipe up there ass. it is illegal to be an ass piper in all 50 states but one. the one state that does allow it is Alaska. but hey sarah palin is the major there so what did u expect??? an ass piper is normally a male. with brown gay ass emo hair. but he doesnt look very emo he just looks like a douche. most ass pipers live in alaska because its legal. if you do happen to encounter an ass piper just throw snow at it and it will wine and walk away if you do not have snow available just find the closest object available for throwing and throw it at the ass piper if you follow these instructions you will be safe from the ass piper. :)
the douche looking brett kid over there looks like an ass piper we have to throw snow at him to stay safe.

the ass piper is a douche that has a pipe up is ass.
by awesomenessinabox February 18, 2010
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