That very special place the submissive or masochist enters when he/she reaches a natural chemical high and/or change in mental and/or emotional balance of the brain chemistry, and state of mind. Best achieved when total trust is in place with his/her Dominant, and one totally immerses themselves in an intense BDSM scene. Note: The sub may not be capable of making rational decisions about his/her safety and well-being at this point, thus it is the responsibility of the Dom to provide for the welfare of his/her sub, this is known as, "aftercare".
They fell deeply into subspace, it was beautiful.
by De_Pinnacle January 6, 2017
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In a D/s relationship, that very special place the submissive enters when he/she totally trusts his/her Dominant, and totally immerses in an intense scene. The sub may not be capable of making rational decisions about his/her safety and well-being at this point.

It is the responsibility of the Dom to provide for the welfare of his/her sub, as he/she has trusted him to do. It is also the Dom's responsibility after the scene to help the sub to return to "vanilla space" after the scene. This entails providing both physical and emotional assurance to the sub, until he/she regains his/her sense of self, and is known as, "aftercare".
Dom: "Sweetie?" Hey... it's time to come back. You made me very happy today, and I love you." <Kisses sub on the neck>

sub: "Sir? Sorry... i was gone for awhile. You know, in subspace. i'm so happy i made you happy. i'd really like to do that again sometime, if it pleases You".
by kitten (sub) March 17, 2008
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Subspace is a place a submissive in BDSM can obtain, when a Master controls the situation in play. This can be from mental, physical, or emotion conditioning from the person who will Dominate you honestly and with care. The sub gives submission to a Master as a gift. Trusting a Master is an important situation in BDSM roleplaying.

Subspace is a serotonin rush from being dominated. I feel completely safe, relaxed, loving, and in heaven for about 4 hours, when I am in subspace. Some equate it, with the effect of doing heroin. It is without drug use. Unless it is the drug of letting another have you completely.
I reached subspace, when my Master demanded I come to him, and obey his command immediately.
by heartunes December 3, 2019
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Subspace is the ultimate in online gaming. Extreme-Games is probably the best zone to play in, and the top squads at the moment are Silence, Blood, Mutiny, Flagging Club, and Jayashri/Invalesco. Go to , downloading SS, and start playing immeditately.
by trik March 12, 2005
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The best Multiplayer online game ever made!
Subspace is a very fun game.
by Jamie Doran February 1, 2004
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SUBSPACE is a sacred 'headspace' where a sub or slave immerses themselves and connects with their Master
Best brought on by immense amounts of physical pain and weed.

Slave and Master must have a trusting relationship as a slave cannot enter subspace unless she gives herself completely to her Master. Master cannot bring this on himself.
When in subspace slave often feels connected with her master as if they are one and can have what can only be described as 'out of body experiences' sometimes accompanied by hallucinations. Slave may feel like she can read her Masters thoughts and he hers. This connection can last for days after the main experience and geographical distance does not always break the connection.
Master must ensure that his slave is cared for both physically, mentally and emotionally when leaving subspace behind. He must have intimate and extensive kowledge of his slave to ensure her wellbeing at all times as she will loose all sense of her surroundings.
Master - where have you been? You left me for a while
Slave - you sent me to subspace, but i'm back now. Thank you
by slut51ave2 February 13, 2009
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