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the part of skin that joins your balls to your ass (a.k.a. the gooch and taint)
god your assneck must stink because you just told the room you wipe forward.
by schultz October 16, 2004
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flap of skin between testicles/vagina and anus. Similar to Harry Wurzbach, but can be used for both sexes
"I'll choke you by your ass neck, I will!!!"
by Smapdee May 06, 2003
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The fleshy area between one's scrotum and ass
Oh god my assneck is on fire!!
by Billy Dean December 04, 2002
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The area between your ballsack and your brown-eye.
Billy wiped out while trying to do a 50/50 grind and slammed his ass-neck on the rail. what a tard...
by Bob Gilbert November 17, 2007
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An anatomical imperfection whereby an individual has a sufficiently large or high ass such that there is no clear definition of where ass ends and back begins. Ass, back and neck merge into one.
Holy shit, look at the assneck on that fucker, his asscrack ends at his shoulder blades.
by King Toad October 01, 2003
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the area between the cock-and-balls/pussy and the asshole

see also taint
i once saw a chick with her assneck pierced
by mofoya May 19, 2003
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