The small of the back. The area directly above the butt crack.
I was playing racquetball and Rich wacked me right in the assneck.
by Cannoli April 03, 2003
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The area above your booty.

The new style for girls is to wear their pants so low as to show their AssNeck.
"Damn, Shakira dat bitch has got one hairy AssNeck!"
by Bildo May 25, 2004
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When the fat on your chin looks like asscheeks.
Holy crap Theodore, your assneck is almost down to your assnipples on your assballs, while you masturbate into a giant pool of masturbation. Oh and your chin looks like an ass.
by GodAlmightySatan May 28, 2010
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the pubic-like hair which grows below your hair line on the back of your neck.
Your ass neck is looking rather scruffy today.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
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When a woman's breasts (see titties) are so big that they form a cleavage line, or ass crack, all the way up to her neck
Damn, Dolly's rubbernecks are so big that she has an assneck!
by lou-man October 03, 2003
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