The 45th President of the United States' hair. Not the man, just the hair.
Whether it's real hair or a wig, whoever wears an asshat is, by definition, an ass.
by AlmostGrownUp September 6, 2020
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alvin from dville
Alvin from dville is a asshat
by somebody truthful October 11, 2021
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My friend tripped me so I said "you little asshat"!
by ann-noynymous February 20, 2015
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The behaviour exuded from someone who is considered to be an ass hat.
The game was broken because of his blatant asshatness.
by Dia1 April 28, 2021
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An enhanced negative manner of actions.
It was his asshatness that drove her away.
by Ja Zee September 9, 2020
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