what you call your friend's when they think they're smart, or they are just retarded
by Lil_Ligma November 28, 2018
A true douchebag worse than an asshole probably the type of person to have a comb over
He parked I'm a handicapped parking spot what an asshat
by swegyoloz November 19, 2013
a shrude talking hat that shouts mean names
Hat: Yo B-otch your a nasty
Woman: :'( your an asshat!
by HuggiePanda July 25, 2008
a dumb looking hat that looks like an ass
key example is this guy |


"my fucking god u are an asshat
The act of resembling a condom which has been used in the process of ass penetration.

Which or may not have been in gay anal sex.

Ie: Dirty asshat.
Ex: "Dude...don't be such an asshat"
by 13blackcats December 18, 2008
A synonym for asshole.
A person that doesn’t consider the results of their actions.
Could be considered as a hypocrite with a narcissistic personality.
WOW ! Your friend is such an asshat !!

You are an asshat of note.
by Poison ivy February 7, 2018
something your mom calls someone when she gets pissed off (caused by road rage)
Mom: thanks for fucking cutting me off asshat!
Me:new vocabulary!
by I was a wasted cum shot January 19, 2017