The silly miniature sombrero tour guides put on their burros for tourists at the Grand Canyon.
That's some asshat right there.
by Bee Vomit October 11, 2020
andrew parr is such an asshat”
by oougaboouga August 24, 2019
A person with their head up their own ass so far that they are wearing a hat.
That ignorant, compassionless woman who posted a horribly thoughtless and insensitive comment is an asshat.
Someone with their head far up their ass from bending over too much. In other words, an anal sex addict. Usually the word is used as an insult.
Tommy's such an asshat.
by bonquiqui-latisha June 17, 2011
That asshat is going to build that wall.
by EVAmyLeeMetalhead April 16, 2017
A person who is being an asshole but even more of an asshole
Man Jessie is being a real asshat
by High_Cross September 23, 2016