One or more persons drops pants and place their bare asses on the victims head, take a photo and laugh your own ass off.
Mayr is a frequent wearer of an ass hat.
He does not find it funny butt we do.
by JFFFP September 25, 2011
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An individual so devoid of intellectual capacity as to render their person, more specifically from the torso up, as nothing more than a decorative headpiece resting atop their buttocks. This is not to be confused with the verb "asshat", which is the physical act of cranial-rectal inversion.
St. Anselm: "God is a being than which no greater being can be conceived. If God does not exist in actuality, then he can be conceived to be greater than he is. Therefore, God exists.”

David Hume: "You just begged the question, you fucking asshat!"
by The Real Mad Hatter February 16, 2017
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An asshat is typically someone who is a bummer. Always chiming in with their own opinion, nobody likes them.
(Guy 1): I personally think Trump is on a course to make America great
(Guy 2): shut up you Asshat.
by Lunaradraws March 11, 2018
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An asshat is someone who isn't worthy of the title "asshole", so they put their hole on their hat therefore making them an asshat.
"______ (name), don't be a fricking asshat"

Similar funny quote:
"______ (name), get your head out of your ass it isn't an ass.
by Omnomcookies February 03, 2015
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