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an emoticon made when a "<" and a "3" are combined to form a sideways heart, used to express one's love for another. The result appears to be a cone covered with an ass.
I asscone my family a whole lot.
by Me December 09, 2004
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1. Reversed order of a heart emoticon,the Cone-Ass.( <3 )
The Ass-Cone resembles a traffic cone being inserted into an anus. ( 3< )

2. Unpleasant Synonym for Asshole,dick head,or douche bag.

3. A nickname earned by someone who really doesn't give a fuck what people think of them.
1. I meant to send my girlfriend a heart on msn,but I accidentally sent her an Ass-Cone.

2. "Did you see that? That Ass-Cone just cut me off!"

3. "Hey man you know Cayden?"

"yeah,people call him Gayden right?"

"yeah,but he's too much of an Ass-Cone to be bothered by it."
by Calexanderh July 19, 2011
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