Attaking someone or something violently or verbally
reviewers assailed the book as soon as it came out
by IceCreamLove May 14, 2015
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A person who attacks someone on a road or a masked attacker.
by DefinitionsFortheSoul November 24, 2009
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To attack with or as if with violent blows; assault.
Mike Tyson to Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News:

""You're starting to irritate me now... I guess I did change because I'm not assailing you""
by Hip-Hopper November 8, 2009
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the act of an assailant, or assassin. To Kill, Murder.
i went into the room and an assailance took place.
by Matt December 16, 2004
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A person in a position of authority who gains traction through self-aggrandizement and power-grabbing who concurrently attempts to rip apart the progress achieved in the fabric of that culture.
America has elected a most pernicious and destructive cultural assailant.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 22, 2019
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When a wife murders her husband.
Boomer: I have had serious and invasive and surgery and my husband was brutally murdered by an unknown assailant.

AFP: You had lip filler and your finger prints were on the mix master.
by Imwearingawire March 20, 2023
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