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An Alabama Toilet Buster is where a man and a woman(redneck) initiate a 69 position in the bathroom. As soon as you finish, you will become raged and bodyslam the woman onto the toilet. You then dunk her head into your last night shit and force her to eat your shit. You then vomit into the toilet forcing her to, again to eat any of the sopping shit along with your vomit. Avoid this sex act when around fellow redneck as it will send them into a rage, inducing the same sex act upon you.
I gave Krystal a Alabama Toilet Buster around her cousin and her cousin induced the same act upon me.
by Damnstr8mmmmm November 15, 2017
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This sex act involves a man and a woman where the man brutally beats the woman senseless. Near the point of fatality, the male grabs his dong and proceeds to make a potato condom. After the potato condom is created, the male puts it on over his abnormally small wang and commences the potato ass fucking. He continues until the woman draws blood from the sewer pipe and beef sandwich, where he then forces the woman to choke on this hunk of a veggie. During all this, he is speaking German and hailing Hitler, even wearing the notorious Nazi uniform. This sex act is considered sexist and the SJW WILL come to your front door. Also to note, this sex act is illegal in nearly every communist country. Rated PG.
I just gave Jill The Dicktator and boy was she a screamin!
by Damnstr8mmmmm November 16, 2017
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A sex act where you bend the girl over the table and put three cold dildos(2 in the pink one in the stink). Then your put aloe on your dick and shove it as far as you can in there, ripping her ass into pieces.
I just gave Mitchell's mom the last ass bender last night. I think she is now not able to walk.
by Damnstr8mmmmm November 14, 2017
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This sex act is highly contagious. It involves seducing a nun with two men. Both of these will feed the nun with cheesy gordita crunches laced with laxatives. Afterwards, the two men will pour chili down the nun's ass and proceed to ass fuck her. Soon, she will not feel good as her stomach starts to ache and this is when you should prepare for eruption. The two men lay below the nun and the nun finally let's out the biggest, bloodiest shit, erupting onto the mens' face while proceeding to announce verses from the bible. This sex act reenacts the Mt St Helen eruption in 1980. This sex act is highly encouraged as you become closer to god and understand the full capability of a volcanic eruption.
Hey man. You wouldn't believe what sister Lisa let Dan and I do. She let us try a Mount Saint Helen on her.
by Damnstr8mmmmm November 15, 2017
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