A good game that was ruined by retarded employees in daybreak.
Guy 1: Hey do you wanna play H1Z1?
Guy 2: LMAO
by PositiveVibes552 March 12, 2020
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A game where everybody drops from the sky with parachutes and it is basically The Hunger Games. Collect loot while gas surrounds the map.
Guy 1: Wow! I just got this new game H1Z1 it is pretty fun!
Guy 2: Cool, can I play?
Guy 1:Then buy it, It is more fun with friends!
by Existential Crisis December 14, 2016
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A game that ninja enjoys most and loves to rage, his rages have gone viral over the years and if you see the videos yourself then your bound to see people say fag,fuck,shit,cunt,deadshit and “the fuck you say to me you little shit” also k.y.s
H1Z1 is so far DEAD now here’s a sentence that H1z1 players use

“DIE you commie fucker!”
by Autonimozatiion June 20, 2019
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Dude yesterday I downloaded h1z1

-Lol that shit is fucking trash get pubg

Ay lmao fag u dumb as hell this friendship is over.
by AnneFranksRightwingedBroter August 25, 2017
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A new type of strain of the swine flu which can turn the person in to a zombie for two hours. This new virus was reported on the BBC news channel website.
Guy: Here about the new h1z1 virus?

Guy2: yeah! ...Oh no Swine flu zombies!!!

Guy: Sh*t run!!!
by Hikaru_Kodomo May 3, 2009
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