(noun); used towards a person. It is a person (typically a caucasian male) that is obsessed with asian women no matter which country, as long as she is asian. Most of the time enjoys anime and learns Japanese (most of the time) for no reason other than to hit on Japanese girls. Claims to be knowledgeable about the asian culture but cannot tell the difference between a Japanese/Korean/Chinese woman. Will only date Asian women, are completely and utterly obsessed with asian women.
"Oh my god that guy just hit on me but I KNOW he's an asiaphile!"

"What do you think of that guy?"
"Um girlfriend, he's totally an asiaphile."

"One rule for guys that I pick; you cannot have had more than 1 asian ex girlfriend because there's no way in hell I'm dating an asiaphile."
by theasianprincess April 17, 2009
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Often the subject of racism by Asian males, an asiaphile is a non-Asian person who has a deep love, and caring for Asian females and the beauty they posses.
White Male: That women is very hot, I love Asian females.
Asian Male: You can't say that, you are only supposed to date white females, all Asian females are for me and me only, you dirty Asiaphile!
by LoverOfAsianWomen August 7, 2009
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A white man who'se only contact with Asian women has been as waitresses and images in the media of prostitutes, madams, more waitresses and princesses of exotic, far-off lands, and thus his image of Asian women is tainted, he sees them as sex objects or exotic novelties.

I don't think this word, with it's proper definition fits every single white high school kid who has a crush on his Asian American classmate, or every white dude that thinks Lucy Liu is a fox.
Being a heterosexual male, I am physically atracted to females. Sure, I find some Asian women atractive, I find a lot of women atractive. Black, white, Asian, Latin, race doesn't matter much to me. If an Asian girl's drop-dead gorgeous, she's drop-dead gorgeous, neither because of or despite where her grandparents were born.

I don't think physical appearance is eveything though. I mean, there's personality, shared interests, etc. A girl can look like a total goddess in a photograph, but if she's a terrible person, she's a terrible person and I really don't want anything to do with her. I'd much rather be with a plain-looking girl with a charming personality and enough in common with me to sustain a conversation than a vision of loveliness who'se shallow and vindictive.
by Teh kraut Pope May 14, 2005
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A white western male who has a pathological, sexual obsession with asians and their culture.

also see: Anglophile (common amongst the japanese usually older independent japanese women preying on young white males for sex), inter-racial relationship, racial stigma, racism.
symptoms can be alleviated via the patients own internal analysis.
Sufferers may experience loss of interest in western life (post colonial angst) and in the worst cases have sexual fantasies of exotic interracial love.
by david strange January 13, 2004
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A non-Asian person who sees Asian people not as individuals but as sex objects.
for example many guys that say "I wish I had an Asian chick, they're hot"...to women that sounds like "I wish I had a (insert inanimate object here)"
We're human, not commodities
by Amy Tam February 26, 2004
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A non-Asian person who has an identity crisis and thinks he/she is Asian. Or a non-Asian person who really wishes he/she is an asian. Typically watches anime and hong kong movies, listens to K,J,C-Pop, and tries to get Asian friends. Usually tries to learn an Asian language as well.
Look there is another asiaphile wearing his Dragonball Z t-shirt that he never washes. That guy is trying to score with those ugly, fobby Japanese chicks by asking them to teach him Japanese in exchange for him teaching them English.
by anon June 12, 2003
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