a word to describe those who are of asian descent.
I admire your asianness, Caden.
by theblackhood June 12, 2018
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a person that has asian descent and looks asian
I'm considered asian asian because I'm Cambodian and look asian.
by jenniferwasherr August 16, 2008
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1. to kick someone in the face.
2. to go asian on
1. i asianated that son.
2. dont make me asianate you
by asianballanator October 30, 2007
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1. The act of doing something like an Asian.

2. How Asian someone is.
1. "Dude! That's pure Asianity right there"

2. "His Asianity is really high"
by No I February 17, 2011
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to be pwned by an asian
Prissy white kid walks down the street and gets hit in the face by a bowl of Insta-Noodles.
Random Asian Kid, "You got ASIANIZED!"
by xxXMrNoodlesXxx May 11, 2010
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(Attempting to add a decent, more serious and accurate definition to the lot.)

In the United States, the most common use of the word refers to people originating from East and Southeast Asia (China, Japan, South/North Korea, Vietnam, among others). Indians and Pakistanis might be referred to as South Asians, where as Filipinos and Samoans might be called Pacific Islanders.

In England, "asian" most commonly refers to people of Indian or Pakistani descent, whereas "oriental" might refer to East and Southeast Asians (NOTE: "oriental" is certainly considered politically incorrect in the United States).
- I know she's Asian, but where is her family from?
- I think they emigrated here from Vietnam some years ago.

The Asian students presented a traditional Indian dance to their classmates.
by amg May 3, 2003
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