(5,000BC-2015)- A creative person who brings ideas and dreams to life through music, painting, sculpture etc.
(2016-Present)-An idiot with lots of free time and money.
(5,000BC-2015)-Leonardo Da Vinci was a one of a kind artist.
(2016-Present)-An artist decided to drink blue ink to show to circulation of fluids in and out of the body.
by RealisticDude May 26, 2017
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Short version: A moron

Long version: Someone who believes that "creativity" and "individuality" is the highest point which man can achieve, despite the fact that they provide no valuable service or advancement to society as a whole. They are little more than entertainers who have the gall to say that they are more important because they find "meaning in everything." Usually imbibe mass quantities of drugs. Often despise scientists for being too "shallow" or "narrow minded."
Scientist, dragged to art museum by a group of well meaning friends: "I see no point in this. It's a bunch of liquid pigments splashed randomly onto a large canvas."

Artist: "But, can you not see the passion infused into the painting? The inherent desire to escape conformity through abstract expression?"

Scientist: "No... and if this is escaping conformity, then why are there 20 more of these, all by different people?"

by Sciencenut1 August 11, 2011
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Someone who wears a bitter scarf and burns concert pianos in manors while masturbating and to operas very loudly with a bourbon in one hand.
-Miss, have you heard on the news about that freak?
Art Teacher
-He was simply an artist.
by Djfreaxxx December 04, 2011
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A fucker that makes shit and labels it art. Usually French and on drugs, although many are claimed to be German.
by Whipset May 22, 2005
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why am i an artist
what does my work convey
how does it reach people
what gives me a reason to work without knowing where it will lead me
what does money mean to me especially with kids
is there a tribe for me
how do i deal with exhaustion while knowing i have to create
how do i deal with haters and discouragers
can i be an invisible artist
finding solace in art was the hard earned result of a 40 year elimination process.
while i was working on building a life around art (i.e. writing about it, communicating with people) i refused to accept that i had every damn right and raison d'Γͺtre to be an artist myself. And to this day i struggle to give myself that title. Artist.
maybe start a daily mantra: i am an artist. i am an artist. my work is equally worthy. equally worthy. artistic worth. i am an artist.
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by Dushbeque October 21, 2020
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generally disputed amongst peers and an audience, sometimes overrated, underrated, poor in skills, or professional etc. but thats why I put in the word "disputed"!
Im and artist who doesnt distribute themeself for the good of the art
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Someone that isnt realy good at anything, but just calls themselves an "artist" because its alls they realy hav :\
Ashfaque: Hey Shamima, what do you do?
Shamima: Im an Artist
Ashfaque: What does that job consist of?
Shamima: Nothing
Ashfaque: :\
by AshyBashy March 16, 2012
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