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A Ring Chaser is a male Gold Digger.

Like a whore wants the title of Rich and Famous without earning it,

an athlete wants the title of Champion without competing for it.
Kevin Durant is a Ring Chaser.

He is a Titlist.

He is not a true Champion.

He did not compete. He joined.
by cheapsoot March 20, 2019
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In basketball, to get one's shot blocked and pressed against the backboard at the same time by an opposing defender.
Hahaha... you got pinned!
by cheapsoot December 1, 2011
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Hitting the game winning shot is like the feeling you get when you bust a nut inside a beautiful female.
Man it felt good hitting the game winning shot! It feels as good as busting one in a female.
by cheapsoot October 8, 2015
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A person who creates meaning through Beauty.

Only an

Artist can capture.
"Beautiful! Beautiful patience! Pure artistry. Artist!!!!
by cheapsoot March 2, 2018
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Very simple. It is a person that makes you feel like shit.
Look at that oblivious Asshole. He doesn't have the slightest clue how offensive he really is! Smfh!

doucehbag fuckboy phony fag punk-ass-nigga
by cheapsoot November 18, 2017
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To send someone's shit in basketball. Pretty much means when they put up a shot attempt, you send that shit into oblivion.
Nice block! You batted the shit outta that fool!
by cheapsoot December 1, 2011
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I high arching jump-shot so smooth and so clean that it sails through the air effortlessly and dips into nothing but the bottom of the net.
Ray Allen game winning shot was butternuts.

swoosh, sweet, jumpshot, clean, wet
by cheapsoot February 2, 2016
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