He is the sweetest most funniest and weirdest person you’ll meet and know. You can relate to them and tell them about anything. They will try and cheer you up when u are down and they will try and comfurt you as much as they can. He is super aesthetic,likes drawing,MCR,panic at the disco and his gay best friend Xd. You need to get yourself an Arrow ASAP because they will change your life 💕
Omg arrow is so sweet!

Arrow is so aesthetic

Arrow is one of the best people on earth
by arrowsgayfriend March 2, 2019
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A member of the female social group Alpha Sigma Pi.
"Did you hear about the Arrows' community service project? It sounds really cool!"


"The Arrows' motto is: 'To be borne aloft amongst the muses.'"
by Alex Huxley July 10, 2008
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When a guy or girls seduces another for emotional support or sexual pleasure.
Lance: Yoo, Jane was putting out her arrows last night.
Dan: word, she was chirpin to my ears all night.
Lance: The way she shook her hips on my belt gave me a raging boner.
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To arrow or to get arrowed is the act of leaving someone on read or ignoring purposely to show annoyance or being off with someone.
Selina arrowed me last night smh.
by Benbo1190 May 15, 2017
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Devoted fans of Orlando Bloom.

Were known for their infamously fast chats online and admiration of the person and actor, Orlando Bloom, without going beyond the line of being insufferable fangirls.
I'm a proud Arrow and will forever be a devoted fan of Orlando Bloom's.
by elle113 June 18, 2005
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In the film, "The Point", Arrow is the beloved dog of the main character, Oblio.
"I will name my dog Arrow because that is the name of Oblio's dog."
by Daedra October 6, 2005
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to be struck with an arrow and killed
"Oh dear Cory you have been arrowed"
by J tre December 4, 2003
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