The hottest girls at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. They are the oldest sorority in Wisconsin, founded in 1898. They are also the best girls you will ever meet in your whole entire life. She has the face of an angel and the body of a Godess. If you ever get the opportunity to meet an Alpha....JUMP ON IT!!!
Did you see that girl back there? She was so fine!

Yea she must have been an Alpha Sigma!
by lips <3 December 6, 2010
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ASA girls are the classy ones you'll see walking around campus. These ladies are proud to wear their letters so that everyone knows they are an alpah girl. They throw the best parties and are the prettiest girls on campus. Find an Alpha lady and hang on to her guys, you'll never find another one like her in a trillion years.
If your dating an Alpha Sigma Alpha raise your glass, if not raise your standards.

Dee Zee girls are pretty
Tau girls are smart
but it takes an Alpah girl to win a fellas heart.
Gam girls are tan
Tri Delt girls got flow
but when you want the best looking girl.....
Alpha Sigma Alpha is where you go.
Kay Dee girls are wild
Sig Kap girls are fun
But Alpah girls are always #1.
Girls will be girls North, South, East or West
but Alpha Sigma Alpha girls rate the best.
To any man who reads this and truly wants to know,
If you have an Alpha Sigma Alpha girl, you should never let her go.

Only the best girls wear rubies and pearls.
by Brett3888 December 11, 2006
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Hottest, coolest sorority girls on campus. Not slutty like SDT or Tri delts. They know how to have a good time and be respected at the same time. Guys love them..and girls want to be them. Most will probably marry a sigma alpha mu or TKE.
If your dating an alpha sigma alpha hold onto her- it will be hard to find another like her
by matt567 May 26, 2007
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Classy, respected girls who also know how to be the life of the party. Proud of their letters..and know the meaning of sisterhood. <3 ZI chapter SBU- what what!
the times we share we will never forget
we love alpha sigma alpha
if you're not one its a shame
cuz theres 1..2 many reasons to love ASA

by chacha224 May 25, 2007
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Founded in 1899, Alpha Sigma Tau is a national sorority for women, dedicated to promote the ethical, cultural, and social development of its members. This sorority has close philanthropic ties to the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County, Kentucky as well as Habitat for Humanity.

They are your roommate, your neighbor down the hall, a classmate or a friendly face in a sea of strangers on campus. Look for them studying in the library, volunteering for local charities, working on campus, shopping in the city and proudly wearing their letters.
alpha sigma tau girls are gorgeous, intelligent, and definitely know how to party ;)
by beachypeach March 24, 2010
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Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University on December 6, 1845. Three young men: Louis Manigault, Horace Spangler Weiser, and Stephen Ormsby Rhea, all freshmen, met and laid down the basic principles of a society that today counts its membership in the thousands.
Alpha Sigma Phi owns, This one goes out to the rest of my brothas with diffrent mothas
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The biggest brotherhood on campus. A group which man hopes to be apart of and where being a little sissy boy is not tolerated. Their unity and strength are the tightest on campus. They have the biggest baddest ego's on campus and all the girls want them. Greek life on UF's campus wouldn't be the same if this organization didn't exist. We are the men of alpha sig who the fuck are you!
Wow, I heard that those Alpha Sigma Phi boys were pretty much the greatest greek chapter every created and everybody fucking loves them.
by Gamma Pi November 21, 2011
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