A really nice guy who has a good personality and a nice body, is good at kissing. Doesn't really care about what anyone else thinks of him.

street smart
by Anonymous May 8, 2014
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do not call arran this. there is a difference.
arron will b pissed if u call him arran. arran wont mind if u call him arron. arran is better.
by Deakythediscobean November 9, 2019
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A legend among men and women, confident and funny, smart and intelligent. A people person
"Arron is cool - why can't i be more like him?"
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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The best looking boy in the whole entire world. His eyes are like diamonds and every body get stunned just seeing him. His autograph is worth more than millions of dollars
Oh my goodness! Is that Arron!
by angelina pham September 4, 2014
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Arron is charming, sexy, cool but collected. Likes to work hard but play even harder. Loves his family and his girlfriend, who tells everyone she will marry him one day.

Arron is a Greek god in bed and his chat hits all the right notes too. What a guy.
Arron! Come here and kiss me
by Tree of olives May 3, 2022
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Really good guy, loves takis and Snapchat. He’s really freaky and good at kissing. Loves basketball. Always crippled
That kid Arron is so cool I would love his Snapchat
by Holyarron9172 June 16, 2018
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Arron is just like your average joe goes about there day casually until the parents are gone then goes in to beast mode it’s like when you watch hustlers normal by day stripper by night but just as soon as people are gone turns into a whole different person just you don’t know which your getting could be a character from it or maybe even someone from scooby doo to be fair to your average Arron there sleeping pattern is outstanding with a capital O regularly going to bed at 4 am lovely nibbles they also seem to have a pretty strong obsession with the main man Elton John and are obsessed with the song humpy cat all in all your average joe or far from it. They do however cry over nearly ever movie they watch even if it’s the 1000th tone they’ve watched it rather depressing but oh well they’ll stop crying eventually. Ps they also like watery noodles and use bread to “soak” them.
An Arron is just like you average joe who likes a lot on non average stuff
by Sloppy cookie January 26, 2020
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