The upper part of the body used for dancing, grabbing stuff.
I used my arm to pick up my puppy
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by jbg_rocs November 28, 2018
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to have arms with some one, to fight
'Dont make me have arms wit you bouy.'
by conjunction July 16, 2003
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Off-shoot of bro. Meaning brother.

Slang derived from the Australian SMS dictionary function on mobile telephones, where typing 'b', 'r' and 'o' (276) comes out as 'arm'.

Used as substitute for bro in verbal speech as well as in SMS form.
Hey arm, get the hell back here!

Get the arms - we're going out tonight!
by Larking April 17, 2006
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Arms- Arms is a British slang meaning arguments
"I dont wanna have arms"
"Simon and I have arms"
As R.S has said "I'll bring some arms round to your mums house..."
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by NatashaLdn August 10, 2016
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1. To remove a bowel obstruction from a cow by inserting your arm into its anus and grabbing the impacted feces.
2. Slang: used as the word "sucks"
You lost all your money on roulette? You arm! or That arms!
by Doctor Joe May 02, 2003
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A.R.M is an acronym for American resistance movement. The American resistance movement is in essence a bunch of ex army soldiers and marine core rejects that seem to always find a reason to hate the government, every religion except christianity, every race except for white people, and democrats. Also they lack intelligence have many children, a wife whom they most likely rape repetitively, drink beer everyday except for sunday when they respect the lord by supporting there meth addictions while the leave there kids watching spongebob for hours on end. They enjoy drinking mountain dew, and beating and/or treating there women as maids instead of partners. Watch out for the ARM.
Dude my friend is in the ARM, he beats his wife n steals from her purse to buy meth, and mountain dew.
by true republican March 23, 2011
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Part of the body that, if nice, need a licking.
"Look at them arms - asking for a licking"
by *Addy* January 29, 2005
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