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A descriptive term typically used in the context of describing one's environment and conjunctive to the presence of 'weapons' aka (lads that have mod haircuts, are decked out in pretty green clothing and walking around like the 'big'un'). It is the state of a location, often a pub, club or possibly shopping centre, in which said location is recognised to be unduly abound with lads of weapon-esque demeanour.
*ring ring* > Dan: Hello??
Nick: Hey mate thinking on coming down, what's varsity like?
Dan: Man City match mate, don't bother. This place is armed!
by NickyD86 November 24, 2010

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The hermeneutic void between the youthy individual using the word soz, and its variations, and the oblivious recipient. Commonly a sozchasm is opened between the pretentious loud mouth and the self aware soz-user.
Danny Dyer: yer mate, I'll go an' nut that geez while you get a carlin' in.
Louis Thereoux: Soz.
Danny Dyer:...eh?

= Dyer in the sozchasm
by NickyD86 October 23, 2010

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A sarcastic apology of eye-watering magnitude. Empathetically offered to a 'sozard' (see soz'ard) in recognising their unawareness of a self-induced condition of ridiculousness, such that a swift and kindly death is wished upon them for their own sake.
Wayne Rooney: I'm playing terribly at the moment, I'm injured and I think this club is crap. I think I need a lot more money..

World Press: Sozcophagus, Wayne.
by NickyD86 November 07, 2010

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