Prot Pally: We were arenaing today and we made it to 1400!
Me: 1400 as prot? You suck dude!
by seyesutol July 02, 2010
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A street where lesbian and gay bars and boutiques are located.
Phil to a local drug store owner:
Phil: " Do you know where Arenas is?"
by ChanelAD June 13, 2005
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Someone who plays ut2003/ut.e/

e/2.Someone who is owned by Disarr@y

Someone who likes to sleep with mummas in their sleep.
"omg flak incoming"

"oh wait nm its mine"
by Dis March 22, 2003
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An addictive 2D-Dimensional top down killing game released in 2005.
You battle 3 other people per room as a stick character and can choose from a variety of weapons like AK-47, Shotgun, Katana, Bat, Glock, Sledge and there are different maps to choose from aswell.
As you get more kills you get a higher ranking.
The game was written in flash and can have thousands of people online at one time.
An expansion will be released in the near future called Ballistick.
Ben skipped school today to play some Stick Arena.
by Willmar January 25, 2007
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A online game where you kill other ppl playing as sticks figures. Or chat in a online chat room for pedophiles and internet whores and a occasional racist or person pretending to be racist wanting attention. Also has to many hackers that ruin the spirit of the game. The rest are players that actaully care about playing and having fun
Stick arena player 1: you got pwned nub
Stick arena player 2: anyone wanna cyber
Old man pretending to be hot 13-17 year old girl: sure
Peverted player: ok pm me for private game for sex
Racist player: White power!!!!!! White Power!!!!!!
Person named Black Kid: fuck you cracker
Stick arena pervert 2: my dick is 12 inchs
Hacker: wanna know how to hack join my private game
Normal Player: (not wasting his time in the chat room actaully playing hack free)
by drphilfan August 06, 2008
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A virtual reality eSport released in 2017.
You ever play Echo Arena with Evilord, GrumpiestBroom or RecursiveConnectome?
by Recursiveconnectome January 20, 2018
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A place where very small members of staff or administration can go to battle.
OMG letz go to teh admini arena so I can PWN u!
by Furiae! December 26, 2007
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