More than words
….if I had infinity
to prepare
I could not…
describe the love…❤️
I have for…
617…only serving you in love….will do
by Wanderlust_721 November 21, 2022
bostons area code where all the true gangstas live
yo i was up in the 617 the other night and some fool got jacked and popped
by big poppa January 3, 2005
A 617 is a FAG 6=F, 1=A, 7=G
by Jody Chadd April 2, 2016
Pronounced Six Seventeen. Originated in 2005 from a Organization named Team Dans. A member was once ask what time was it and the member replied 6 17. From then on 617 was used in place of the word Sickening since they sound the same. 617=Sickening
Yo Son, that ride is 617.
by Danis One October 24, 2007
(pronounced six one seven)
another name for calling some gay. aka fag.
its the number where each letter is in the alphabet.
by EEEEEEEEEEEEEE23 February 3, 2009
Another word for fag, 6th letter of the alphabet, first, seventh.
yo that's a 617 don't talk to them.
by 617radar September 26, 2021
It means fag in number form. Another blow (No homo) to SJW weirdos on Twitter lmao.
Wow another 617. Gtfo bitch.
by Trollamity March 29, 2021