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The rule that you can have more then one girl if she lives in a different area code then your other girls.
Yo man I gota call Jill.
Dont you got Tracy?
Yea but Jill be in da 213 and Tracy in the 517
by A$-Money February 19, 2005

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Rapper who exploded on the rap scene in 1991 thanks to Doggystyle. Was a good rapper with Death Row but once he quit teaming which Dre really went downhill. Redeemed himself on Dre's Chronic 2001, but is now a sell out to rap and the so called gangsta he is. Just makes movies now and sold out to celebrity. He just tries to be "cool" now and forgot what its like to be an O.G. Needs to go back to what he used to be and quit makin gay songs with Pharell.
Snoop is nothing without Dre and is just a sell out now
by A$-Money March 05, 2005

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A stupid fgt n00b who likes dudes and is a homo for sure. He envies me and wishes he could compete with my 1337 ness, but he knows he will never be able to. Basically is gay and sucks at everything.
Zimmerla is one fgt noob
by A$-Money February 28, 2005

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