a bad-ass singer who knows how to kick it G-Funk style
person 1: yo, 'd you here that song by Nate Dogg?
person 2:Fo'shizzle, it was kick izzle
by nate8787 September 4, 2003
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have you ever heard a "hook" in a rap song? there's a 25 percent chance that was nate dogg, and good luck finding a cd of his own.
"You heard that new Obie Trice song called the setup?" "Yea man, nate dogg drops a dope hook"
by Bryan Everson February 18, 2004
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Rapper who is often heard on other people's albums. Actually compiled a whole album made of songs in which he was "featured"
Did you hear that song featuring nate dogg? Ya, oh, um... which one? There are like fifty of 'em.
by memoryman April 15, 2003
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Eminem nate dogged his new single to make sure it was a hit
by weenur November 29, 2006
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A crazy R/b gangsta rapper guy. he has lots of cds out, and is on other rappers songs to make them go platinum.
gangsta nation would be nothing without nate dogg

regulaters would be a shitty song without nate dogg
by pooo February 4, 2005
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A popular producer/singer that rappers call up to create bland but catchy music beds to throw thier raps over.
by whodat? April 16, 2003
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a person who lets you borrow a movie or a cd and almost immediately asks for it back without giving you time to watch it or listen to it.
nate dogg: you wanna borrow this movie?
you: yeah.
20 fucking minutes later
nate dogg: you done with that movie?
you: i haven't even had time to watch it nate dogg!
your buddy: he nate dogg'd you!

james: you ever seen the unforgiven?
rob: no.
james: i'll let you borrow it?
rob: ok...well just don't fuckin nate dogg me ok...give me enough time to fuckin watch it.
james: alright. keep it for the weekend.
by robbase78 March 29, 2012
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