the act of creating something beautiful and not being a pretentious asshole about it
Stosh: I see you've been ARCHITECTING. That portico is to die for! It does seem a bit fancy for an entrance to White Castle?

Helga: Yes, well an old greek woman read my fortune and told me White Castle needed an upgrade. So I drank a triple espresso and ARCHITECTED that thing in 48 hours.
by GOLDMINER February 21, 2014
V. The act of designing or creating. A very clever away message.
Shut up, I'm architecting.
by Gene Dassing February 28, 2005
1) Being an architect. 2)The act of architecting.
John was architecting last night in my bed.
by John Mickey February 17, 2005
An overworked and underpaid employee - of a pretentious registered practitioner of the arts (a prat). Many years in tertiary education have left the 'architect' bitter and in debt - and unable to relate to the remainder of society.
I am an 'architect' - the rest of you are unimaginative scum.
by black T shirt February 17, 2005
He is the most uncomfortable person among people walking on the street of bad shaped city. On the other hand, there is no difference for him between walking in the art gallery or the street one of the beautiful city.
The architect who could not bear to ugliness of city went mad.
by ncknm February 23, 2013
ark - i - tekt
verb. architect-ed, architect-ing
To sleep two hours a week, strain one's eyes, learn the various uses of tape, and spend an unnecessary amount of money.
1. "You architect too much. Imagine what it's gonna be like when you're in the major."

2. "I architected the crap out of last week!"

3. "Sorry I couldn't come to the funeral...I was architecting..."
by knowlton student March 13, 2011
A (state licensed) diverse designer extending themselves beyond 'art' to the realm of building. Blending scientific knowledge with artistic creativity to fulfill a desire to build.
Thoughts are translated to built form by way of drawing.
by unknown LA July 25, 2005