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the act of creating something beautiful and not being a pretentious asshole about it
Stosh: I see you've been ARCHITECTING. That portico is to die for! It does seem a bit fancy for an entrance to White Castle?

Helga: Yes, well an old greek woman read my fortune and told me White Castle needed an upgrade. So I drank a triple espresso and ARCHITECTED that thing in 48 hours.
by GOLDMINER February 20, 2014

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A perfectly acceptable christmas wish between friends and estranged relatives. However, if refused warrants expulsion from ones facebook friends list.
Abe: Merry Fuckin Christmas Ashley, and God bless.
Ashley: Thats inappropriate Abe!
Abe: Wow bitch don't big league me, bitch.
Ashley: (No Response)
by GoldMiner January 12, 2010

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