Typical residents of midwestern sprawl. Generally obese, thes e creatures have lifestyles centered around television viewing , cheap canned beer, and bad low-fiber foods. Working crappy corporate service-sector jobs, they generally vote republican and don't care why.
The cheese curd, being too lazy to walk while shopping at WalMart, chose to employ one of the electric wheelchairs reserved for mobility-impaired patrons.
by Graham Paul Knopp March 26, 2007
The act of two guys with foreskin putting there dicks head to head and raping them together and jerking off till one of them has there ejaculation in the other guys dick head.
Those guys where cheese curding last night. Hey wana go cheese curd??
by snitzeltruck December 16, 2010
one of the amazing ways you can get your fried chicken at KFC
"I think I'm gonna get my chicken double deep fried."
by anonymous95692384 January 3, 2010
When a man shaves his nuts and his girl sucks them till they squeak.
I gave Angie some fresh Cheese Curds last night.
by Trey-J September 3, 2016
When you jizz into a bag of Cheetos and serve them to your friends
Did you hear John was serving cheese curds to his ex last night?
by JoJo Rabbit December 29, 2017
The viscous white clumps that may appear following vaginal penetration due to insufficient lubrication.
I pulled out my cock and she sucked off her cheese curds.
I had to pick so many cheese curds off my sheets.
Mama makes the best cheese curds.
by VermicideLovingWorm January 17, 2018
The Kentucky Cheese Curd is a sexual act/game preformed in the bedroom when the Male gapes the female's asshole and puts multiple cheese puffs in her ass, and 1 single milkdud. Once this is achieved the Male subject then guesses how many cheese puffs she will fart out before the milkdud. If guessed incorrectly, he has to eat all of it. If guessed correctly, she has to eat it.
Honey, when you get home would you like to spice things up, and have a Kentucky Cheese Curd?
by Doug McCockiner May 14, 2021