Highest, supreme angel. From the two Greek words, arch, "first," and angelos, "messenger."Angels next in rank to Gods, who dwell in certain arcs in etherea. They generally come in the dawn of a cycle to give new inspiration to mortals. Whilst they remain with mortals, as during the last few years, good mortals become more angelic toward one another.
He was like a Arch Angel.
by Arch Angel 101 September 09, 2006
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when a women or man jerks you off with the arches of thier feet.
Dude i was so loaded last night I let Kim give me an arch angel.
by mike mahony February 16, 2008
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A well-known hacker from the 80s-90s. Most notable for hacks on America Online and Tell-Me systems, and his book "CIA Hacker). Also authored several textfiles and whitepapers. In Dec. 1999, he was involved in thwarting a plot by Osama Bin Laden to derail Amtrack Trains which was widely reported in the media.

Known for his tagline: WOGHD
(Wrath of God Hand Deleivered)
I had a chance to meet Archangel at Defcon on Las Vegas.
by Desperado222 October 03, 2011
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(This definition is a poem.)

We're a small group of fans with one thing in common

A love for one boy

David Archuleta

Some may call us crazy
Some may call us stupid
Some may call us obsessed
Some may even call us freaks

Be we know that we're not

What we are can be summed up into one word


We understand each other
We help each other
We solve each others problems
We do things for each other

Kind of like a small support group

We've risen to the challenge

We've helped David with so much

We've gotten him a TCA
We've gotten his single to #1 on iTunes
We've gotten the same single to #2 on the Billboard charts

Our next challenge?

Get him to the Olympics

We're helping him live his dreams
Every single one

We won't stop our support
We won't stop our love

We're there for David until the end of time

We'll always be Archangels

Person 1: I can't take all this bullshit about David from my dad anymore.
Person 2: Talk to the Archangels! They understand what you're going through! They'll be there for you.
by Beth (aka Mrs. Archuleta) October 08, 2008
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When a man tapes a spoon to his dick, and then fucks a girl in the ass.

Jimmy: Holy shit! Sebastian just pulled an Archangel on her!

Savvas: Was it a plastic or metal spoon?
by Loukas December 03, 2007
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